Sandra Dotzler#

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  1. Henning Buddenbaum, Joseph Hientgen, Sandra Dotzler, Willy Werner, and Joachim Hill (2015): A BiomeBGC-based Evaluation of Dryness Stress of Central European Forests. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XL-7/W3, 345–351., Open Access ✔️.

  2. Sandra Dotzler, Joachim Hill, Henning Buddenbaum, and Johannes Stoffels (2015): The potential of EnMAP and Sentinel-2 data for detecting drought stress phenomena in deciduous forest communities. Remote Sensing, 7(10), 14227–14258., Open Access ✔️.

  3. Sebastian Lamprecht, Johannes Stoffels, Sandra Dotzler, Erik Haß, and Thomas Udelhoven (2015): aTrunk - An ALS-Based Trunk Detection Algorithm. Remote Sensing, 7(8), 9975–9997., Open Access ✔️.