Thomas Sachtleber#

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  1. Sascha Nink, Joachim Hill, Henning Buddenbaum, Johannes Stoffels, Thomas Sachtleber, and Joachim Langshausen (2015): Assessing the suitability of future multi- and hyperspectral satellite systems for mapping the spatial distribution of Norway spruce timber volume. Remote Sensing, 7(9), 12009–12040., Open Access ✔️.

  2. Johannes Stoffels, Joachim Hill, Thomas Sachtleber, Sebastian Mader, Henning Buddenbaum, Oksana Stern, Joachim Langshausen, Jürgen Dietz, and Godehard Ontrup (2015): Satellite-Based Derivation of High-Resolution Forest Information Layers for Operational Forest Management. Forests, 6(6), 1982–2013., Open Access ✔️.